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I went apple picking yesterday, and the farm had a petting zoo. The donkey and the goats wanted my apples, the emu just glared at me, and the piggies were terrified of me. I can’t really blame them. I’d be afraid of people too if I had obnoxious little children screaming after me all day. It took me several minutes of crouching motionless on the ground and coaxing them forward with my Dog Whispering powers (it works on pigs too) before they came anywhere near me. The black one at least plucked up the courage to come snuffle my hand, but then they ran away and huddled against their little hut.

The donkey and the goat didn’t mind being petted, though, because apples. (You can’t feed them apples because it will make them sick, but they tried their best.)


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